NAME                       : ERSDAL, Gerhard

Year of birth               : 1966

Nationality                 : Norwegian

Languages                  : English

Current position         : Principal Engineer, Structural Integrity

Current employer       : Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

Previous employment : 1999 - 2002 : Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, 1992 - 1999 : Multiconsult AS



Experience since 1992 in the following areas:

-          Analyses, design and review of structures including hydrodynamic and aerodynamic load analyses, static structural analyses (linear and non-linear), dynamic response analyses (wave-, wind-, earthquake- and transient response), fatigue design, non-linear analysis, vibration evaluations and local steel design.

o       Offshore industry, including jacket structures, semisubmersibles, FPSO’s, topside structures, helidecks, flare towers and concrete platforms,

o       Onshore industry, including bridges, industrial plants and buildings.

o       Experience from the use of the finite element programs USFOS, PROBAN, ANSYS, SACS, SESAM and STAAD III

-          Quality assurance including several technical and quality audits of design projects, HSE management and management of structural integrity. Certified Quality Assurance Leader.

-          Accident investigation.

-          Risk analysis.

-          Development of NPD and PSA regulations, and national / international standardization.

Participation in the following Research and Development projects:

-          SIM - CMM – Structural Integrity Management Capability Maturity Model.

-          “Risk level on the Norwegian Continental Shelf”.

-          SAFERELNET

-          "Linear and non-linear structural analyses and verification of design principles for large prestressed concrete box girder bridges".

-          "Development of design principles for vibrations due to railway traffic".

Participation in the steering comity for the following Research and Development projects:

-          Norwegian Deepwater Program - Metocean,

-          Marintek JIP "Design loads ad integrity assessment for wave impact on bow and deck structures".



2000 – 2005 Doktor Ingeniør (PhD). University of Stavanger.

1989 - 1991 Graduate Civil Engineer (M.Sc.). University of Trondheim, Norwegian Institute of Technology, Department of Structural Engineering. Final degree mark: 1.8

1986 - 1989 Engineering Diploma in Construction. Rogaland University Center, Department of Science and Technology.

Post graduate courses, at University of Stavanger:

2000, Department of Science and Technology. Research methods.

2000, Department of Science and Technology. Environmental loads on structures

1999, Department of Science and Technology. "Reliability of structures".

Post graduate courses, all at the University of Trondheim:

1997, Department of Structural Engineering, "Computional methods in structural dynamics".

1996, Department of Structural Engineering, "Wind Engineering".

1995, Department of Structural Engineering, "Transient loading and response of structures".

1994, Department of Mechanics, "Theory of plasticity".

1992, Department of Structural Engineering, "Non-Linear finite element analysis".



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Published on Internet:

Ersdal, G: "An overview of ocean currents with emphasis on currents on the Norwegian continental shelf",, March 2001